What a rollercoaster!

So it has been ages since the last update.

What has happened.

36 week scan.

We had the 36 weeks scan and they were concerned that the growth wasn’t on the same tragectory as before. Sound familiar? Sure it does….. My Lovely Wife and I had already talked about this being a possibility and so when it was being discussed we had prepared ourselves for this to happen.

What we hadn’t prepared for was them to say they wanted to start the induction the same day.

This panicked My Lovely Wife and, I must admit, panicked me a bit. I’d been unable to attend previous scans so being there for the 36 week scan I was able to see that the predicted weight was much smaller than our Wiggly Squiggly. About 50% smaller. I did remember from the first induction that in the 2 weeks before the Wiggly Squiggly popped out (but after the 36 week scan) that she put on quite a bit of weight against the ‘predicted’ weight.

Based on this, me and My Lovely Wife asked whether we could at least wait until week 37 so that the baby wasn’t premature. Premature babies can have additional issues and require additional care after birth so if we could just get to week 37 (considered ‘full term) then it would be one less worry. We explained to the consultant that we had the same signs during our first birth and if they reviewed those notes, then they would see why were weren’t as concerned as they were. They couldn’t access our previous medical notes (or decided not to) and explained to us that if we chose to wait a week then we would be moving into ‘uncharted territory’ and the medical support would have be made up on the fly.

Although they were hesitant, we suggested regular scans over the next week to make sure the baby wasn’t in distress. Our (me and My Lovely Wife) agreement being that any sign of distress for the baby would make immediate induction the best course of action. The consultant agreed (phew!) and we were sent home.

Now the panicking REALLY started! 6 days until induction starts.

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