36 weeks and 2 days

36 Weeks and 2 days

Our 36 week scan. The last scan before we see our little girl in real life.

I was working in the morning but met My Lovely Wife at the hospital before our scan. Our wiggly-squiggly had been quite active but we did hope we’d be able to get some good pictures from the scan.

We had our scan and then they said they wanted to check some measurements again. This was all very different as usually we are just told that she is a wiggler and doesn’t like having her photo taken.

The scanning lady asked us whether there had been any pain and we told her there had not been. She then told us that she wanted us to have some CGT monitoring so we were sent down to the Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU). Neither My Lovely Wife nor I had any idea what this meant but we were both pretty worried. The scanning lady explained that our daughter had been tracking normally against the medium line for the previous scans but currently she is now only tracking against the ‘small’ line. Still growing just not at the expected rate.

Off we went to get the CGT. At 4pm on a Monday there was no queue and we were see PDQ. They did a urine test and a midwife took a blood sample from My Lovely Wife. My Lovely Wife did comment that the midwife took the sample really well with no pain, and no bruising.

The CGT involved My Lovely Wife having two monitors strapped to her belly. One measured the wiggly-squiggly’s heart beat and the other something else. What we could tell is that when the hear beat rose it meant she was active/awake and she was active/awake plenty.

After about an hour on the machine (if wiggly-squiggly moved, the monitors couldn’t pick up her heartbeat). Usually its 30 minutes but due to the movement, it took longer.

When we left we were asked to come back for more monitoring on Wednesday. We already had a consultant appointment on Friday so they asked for another scan on Friday before the consultant meeting.

It’s strange that they didn’t make more of this situation. In some respects we were having a load of additional monitoring and scans were weren’t planning but on their other hand no-one appeared in a rush to do any of it.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact we are nearly at 37 weeks?

Everyone is talking about the consultant discussing a ‘plan’ with us… I think this means an induction but I’m not going to say this to My Lovely Wife, I don’t want to worry or stress her out any more than she is.

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