34 Weeks

34 Weeks

So we’ve started our NCT course. Although this is not free, and there are free NHS options available, we had been recommended this by our friends. They have all said you are paying for your first support group of like-minded friends.

7 couples joined a hall and have spent about 10 hours together so far. We’ve covered lots of different things to do with babies – how to change them, what will happen during birth, how to bathe them, and loads of other stuff. There is one more session left and hopefully they will cover off my question ‘how can I make sure I don’t kill the baby?’. It seemed a lot less ‘serial killer’ when I wrote it down a week ago but is a big fear of mine.

Someone else asked what the first 24 hours would be like once you get the baby home. I think this was a lot better question!

Things about the NCT Course;-

  • We’ve all bought the same ‘sleep with me’ cot thing. I understand, since being corrected by EVERYONE that this is not a cot.
  • Some people have bought everything they can already.
  • Some people have large family support networks nearby.
  • A lot of the partners are just as scared as I am.
  • Some of the mums have had a lot harder pregnancy than My Lovely Wife.
  • A couple of the mums are doing hypnobirthing
  • A couple of the couples are planning to give birth in a ‘Home from home’ centre
  • A couple of the couples are planning on using the same hospital as we are.

So the courses aren’t free but you do get a lot out of it, mainly knowing you aren’t alone in this!

We have also attended the NHS course. This had much fewer people attend (4 mums in total) and was a bit more structured about what will happen. They told a story of the birth from start to finish. One of the good things we got out of this was a new mum attended near the end and we got to ask her lots of questions. The new mum gave birth about 7 months ago, did hypnobirthing in a home from home centre in the hospital we are using! Even better, she recorded a video of what her birthing experience was like.

The benefit of this was that we could see where we would be going, what to expect and also we could see that our options had all worked well for someone – Result!

My Lovely Wife has been carrying on like a trooper with work. I know she is finding it hard so I’m trying to support as best as I can. She is doing an EXCELLENT job and I tell her this every day.

I also kiss her belly in the mornings. I still love doing that.



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