36 Weeks and 4 days

36 Weeks and 4 days

More monitoring today. Just the CGT and bloods again.

The MAU was much busier than last time. My Lovely Wife is doing really well. I’m so proud of her.

The CGT showed the wiggly-squiggly being wiggly again, as expected.

Again we were told the Consultant would discuss a ‘plan’ with us on Friday. No-one actually telling us what that ‘plan’ was.

Afterwards we were told to go home, so we went for our ‘post hospital Nando’s’ that we have after most of our previous hospital visits. It was strange as we’d never been there at 12 before and it was rammed. There was an empty table for 4 and I asked the waiter if we could sit there so we had plenty of space. He told us it was lunchtime so they had to keep it for any foursomes that come in the door.

He then noticed My Lovely Wife being all pregnanty and so told us the next table would be ours before quickly guiding us to a nice table which wasn’t crowded in.

Both of us will be at work tomorrow. It will help keep our minds off what is happening. Also, tomorrow after work I’m heading over to My Lovely Wife’s office as the car seat and base have been delivered there and I don’t want her to try and carry them home herself.

She is an independent pigeon who don’t need no man pigeon to support her, but sometimes she forgets she is pregnant and lifts/carries things she shouldn’t. I know if I’m there I’ll be able to make sure she doesn’t carry any of them.

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