36 Weeks and 6 Days

36 Weeks and 6 Days

Back in the hospital. More scans at 9am. They didn’t do any measuring but they did confirm that the flow through the umbilical cord was ‘high’ still. On the higher-range of normal, less than it was on Monday but still high.

The meeting with the consultant ended up not being a meeting with the consultant. Another lady explained to us that they were recommending we had an induction tomorrow. They’d send us for more CGT monitoring immediately after the discussion but Induction tomorrow would be the plan.

Tomorrow would make it 37 weeks exactly and once a baby has made it to 37 weeks it is considered ‘full term’. This makes things a little less ‘emergency’ which is both less stressful for us but also makes things a bit easier for the hospital, I’m sure. We were so close to 37 weeks on Monday and as the stats for the baby seemed fine, I think they were happy to give her a little more cooking time!

The CGT was normal, again. The only thing I will say is that while we were waiting in the waiting area to be discharged from the MAU, my wife sat down I went to go in the empty seat next to her. At which point a man on a laptop said, “That’s my wife’s seat.” so I ended up sitting down away from my wife. It was then I noticed that the man had his laptop bag to the left of him, on a seat, and had moved his jacket to the right of him.

I was really pissed off. And I don’t get that pissed off ever. This wasn’t a polite queue in Marks & Spencer, this was a waiting area of the MAU. In the 5 minutes we had to wait his wife didn’t appear. The bugger.

He had no idea what people there were dealing with but his attitude really pissed me off.

I hope he steps on an up-turned plug.

We got home, panicked, and then I put the car seat in! I’ve still got to pack my bag but I wanted to stay as relaxed as possible so to not stress out my wife.

This could be our last day as a couple and tomorrow will be the start of a new adventure together!

I asked My Lovely Wife if there was anything she wanted food/drink wise that I could pack.

Lucazade Sport
Mini Baby Bell
Tracker bars

So off I trotted to Tescos (where I buy my best clothes, tar-ra-ra-ra, ta-ra-ra-ra!) and picked up the supplies.

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