37 Weeks

37 Weeks

Today would be a day of waiting. Starting with a day of waiting for the call from the hospital.

We were told that if the call hadn’t come by 11am to phone in. About 10.30 the call came in and asked us to come in about 12. This was it … we were on our way.

I frantically threw my stuff into a bag and we checked to make sure we had everything to hand. I was sure I’d forget something but as long as it was just something I needed, I wasn’t bothered.

We watched a video of someone who had an induction as the same hospital as us and it seemed quite relaxed. Based on the first time she mentions, I think she was in hospital at least 3 days. It starts at 2am on one day so I guess she came in the day before and it ends at 4pm the next day.

3 days is a long time!

Although I’ve packed a change of clothes I’m hoping I’m able to go home and sleep. Not actually for me (honestly!) but I snore like a trooper and I really want to make sure my wife has a good sleep. She is going to need all the sleep she can get.

We could have driven to the hospital but seeing as parking is £77 a day and I could be there 4 days, I decided to grab a cab. Where I live I’m a short walk from a main road however seeing as I’d be carrying a million bags, I wanted to get picked up from the front door.

I tried ordering an UberLux as I’d read these were Bentleys and similar ‘marque’ cars, however there were none available. I booked an UberExec and was happy to see an E-Class Merc had been dispatched. Loads of space for me and My Lovely Wife.

The driver saw me carrying everything and helped put it in the car. He asked how much of an emergency it was and we explained we weren’t in labour yet! We had a great chat and even with a 1.2x multiplier the ride was less than £20. It would have been £10-14 in a Prius so was more than happy and even gave my first ever tip to a driver on Uber!

We arrived at the hospital and for the first time ever, and we’ve been here a LOT, we got from the lower-ground floor and the lift didn’t stop at the ground floor! A Miracle!

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