37 Weeks – Induction Phase 1

37 Weeks – Induction Phase 1

We went to the Antinatal ward and couldn’t get in. All the doors on this floor are access controlled and there was no-one was opening it for us, no matter how often we pressed the door bell.

With little option, we headed over to the Birth Centre where someone did answer us. We took a seat in their reception and waited to be collected by a midwife.

A midwife collected us about 10 minutes later and we were taken through to a room with multiple beds. We ended up in what looked the smallest area of the 3 beds and the only one with no windows. 🙁

With a birth plan that was about being natural and relaxed, a dark section of a room didn’t feel the best place to be. I went off to speak to the midwife who told me she’d move us when a window area became available. I think she was telling me to piss off in a polite manner.

It didn’t take long for us to be moved to the birth centre. Once we were in a dark area and once again I asked whether we could get some sunlight. We wont be moved but at least I’ve asked.

In our new area we had our first chat with a doctor. He explained what they would be trying to do. First they would try with a pessary and see if this helps. This would be in place for 24 hours. Next they would try some gel. If they gel doesn’t work well enough, we have 3 options – Try More Gel, Have some IV Drugs, or go for a C-Section.

My Lovely Wife really wants to avoid the C-Section. 🙁

The doctor has said once the pessary is in place we can get up and around. This should help relax my lovely wife. Apparently there is a cinema in this hospital! Who knew!?!

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