37 Weeks – Inductions Phase 1 Part a

37 Weeks – Inductions Phase 1 Part a

Not long after the doctor left we were moved to our third room. This was another multi-bed room however this time we finally have a window for some natural sunlight.

It might be a small thing but I know My Lovely Wife is pretty much solar powered so the more sun and natural light she can get, the better.

After depositing our bags in the new room, we went for a walk. As the sun set we were able to walk alongside The Thames and we spoke about what the river of this capital city meant to us.

I’ll load a photo I took of the Houses of Parliament when I get the chance.a photo of the Houses of Parliament taken from the southside of the river with the sun setting behind the HoP

Once our little promenade had finished we headed back inside to grab a tea. We also picked up a couple of M&S microwave meals as we seem to remember there was a microwave near our room.

When we got back to the room I had a chat with the midwife and she said there was no facilities to microwave food! How strange! Also, the M&S store sells loads of microwave meals and they must be for some people. I presume there is a staff area somewhere to heat stuff up but it wasn’t for us today.

My lovely wife was feeling some effects of the medicine and found watching Russell Howard videos on Netflix really helped to distract her from the discomfort. Well done Russell! She was laughing so much she had tears rolling down her cheeks. As she had her headphones in I didn’t know what it was he said but it looked like he was miming wanking off a lot of cocks. Good for him.

I was worried that My Lovely Wife wouldn’t be eating this evening so I did what every Londoner would do in my situation, UberEats. A quick search online and 2 GBK burgers made it to the hospital, with some sides. This was chosen by My Lovely Wife. I put 2 milkshakes in the order when she wasn’t looking as I know Oreo Milkshakes are one of her favourites.

the GBK was coming from Waterloo which was only 5 minutes down the road. This meant there was a very short wait for the food and soon I was legging it downstairs to collect it from the car park.

I’ll forget this in years to come but while I was waiting for the food to arrive a lady came up to me and said,

“Are you afraid of rodents? My bike in the secure bike storage area and I just went to get it but I saw a massive rat. Could you help me get my bike? Unless you are also scared of rats?”

Now I’m a polite guy and usually I’d go help someone. However two things came to mind,.
1. I don’t need to be killed while My Lovely Wife is waiting to go into Labour
2. My food is coming soon and I don’t want to miss it.

As luck would have it, the Uberrider called me at that exact moment and so I was able to take the call and escaped death by crazy lady/rodent/My Lovely Wife for not bringing the food fast enough (delete as appropriate).

I smuggled the burgers into ward, regardless of whether I needed to or not, and My Lovely Wife munched away. The milkshake went down a treat. The skinny fries we both ordered did not. We expected something like french fries but got something akin to matchstick fries. The small physical size of each chip meant they were all pretty cold by the time we got them.

The good think about the GBK order is it was all in recyclable cardboard.

We had a chat about this evening and I told my wife I’d happily do whatever she wanted. I did say that I thought that tomorrow night would be when I’d expect stuff to be happening and that I’d really benefit from a good night sleep this evening. She said she was happy for me to do that (and it didn’t sound like a ‘fine! Do whatever you want!’) as she understood that tomorrow night I would probably need to stay over.

It doesn’t help that my seat in this room is very uncomfortable. In the first room we had it was a recliner seat. This room and the previous room they haven’t been that comfortable and certainly wouldn’t be somewhere I could sleep.

At about 11pm the room was dark and My Lovely Wife told me to go home. I grabbed an Uber home and had a dreadful night’s sleep without My Lovely Wife next to me.

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