37 Weeks and 1 day – Induction Phase 1 Part b

37 Weeks and 1 day – Induction Phase 1 Part b

I woke up at 6am and tried my hardest to go back to sleep. It didn’t happen. I lay in bed a couple of hours as I feel this evening will be a LOOOOONG night.

I got a text from My Lovely Wife at about 8am and I started getting ready to leave. Shower, get dressed, pack a pillow and some shorts, and also get a couple of mugs as well some decaf tea.

The logistics of getting back to the hospital was

Black Cab

Until about 10 minutes before I left the house I was going to drive. I even found a free road to park down that is opposite the hospital. At the last minute I decided to grab an Uber. The reason for this was that if I have to drive home late this evening I may not be in a fit state due to tiredness.

The Uber app was showing a 2x multiplier! £20+ for a journey that should be about a tenner. I know I shouldn’t baulk at this and just get to the hospital but yesterday I got an uberexec for £19 so I’m not paying more than that for a Prius! A short walk to the main road and a black cab was hailed.

As he dropped me off he asked me whether I worked at the hospital. Maybe I have the look of a doctor, or nurse, or morgue worker!

I messaged My Lovely Wife to see if she wanted anything from the shop but the message sat at ‘delivered’ and not ‘read’. This concerned me as we had been messaging before I got in the cab. In the shop I picked up some watermelon as this is a favourite of My Lovely Wife and headed upstairs.

When I arrived at her bed I saw the issue – she was zoned out, listening to Hypnobirthing videos on YouTube while wearing an eye mask.

I snuck into my chair next to her bed and set up my iPad to watch some Netflix. A bit thirsty I went off and made myself a cup of tea and came back to settle into watching something. With my headphones in, of course!

As soon as the program started playing I saw My Lovely Wife start to move. I paused Netflix and went motionless. It was like a T-Rex vs a smaller dinosaur – her vision was limited as she didn’t have her glasses on but she knew something was there.

After squinting a little My Lovely Wife put on her glasses and saw I had arrived! She looked so happy to see me and I was over the moon to see her.

We had a catch up. I told her about my poor sleep but it did feel a bit secondary to her situation. My Lovely Wife needed some pain relief to help her sleep but did manage to get some rest.

The contraction feeling had started so she was in regular pain. In her hospital bag she had some lavender oil which I was able to use to massage her back. My Lovely Wife told me this did help with the pain so I keep on doing it. We had views over the Houses of Parliament which I massaged her.

London is so part of our lives together.

Lunch was ordered but was pretty inedible (for My Lovely Wife), they don’t supply food for partners so I will have to go grab something in a bit. It wont be the crappy chicken roll thing I had yesterday, that’s fo sho!

Baby heartbeat was monitored just after lunch and everything was ‘ok’ according to the midwife. I didn’t see a raised heart beat (the wiggly-squiggle rests at about 140-150 and is active when she shows 160+) but the midwife said its ok.

My Lovely Wife also mentioned to the midwife that she has started contractions. This got the midwife a little more interested however we’ve not been monitoring the frequency. The Midwife has asked us to monitor how many we get in 10 minutes.

Blood pressure wise My Lovely Wife is a little high so they have decided to give her some blood pressure medicine to make sure the blood pressure doesn’t become an issue later on.

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