37 weeks and 1 day – Induction Phase 1 Part C

37 weeks and 1 day – Induction Phase 1 Part c

My Lovely wife has been having contractions and based on her app, they are 3 within 10 minutes, of about 45 seconds of length each.

Unfortunately, 24 hours after we started phase 1 we weren’t in the position to proceed into phase 2. The midwife has said we will leave it another 4 hours and then check how things are going.

Dinner for My Lovely Wife was an egg salad and it was delivered, along with some ice-cream while she was asleep. It’s great she is able to sleep but I can tell this is taking a huge toll on her. 🙁

I continue to tell her what an amazing women she is. Its Mother’s Day in the UK today and I can’t wait to celebrate this lady’s amazingness.

My Lovely Wife has been having regular CGT and the babies statistics have been fine. This means there is a lot less worry about the baby’s health.

The ladies in the beds next to ours move else where and we have the 3 bed room to ourselves. My Lovely Wife is sleeping and all is peaceful. Unfortunately this peace is broken as a family are told to wait in the area next to us. 3 hours later My Lovely Wife had had enough of their phone calls, talking loudly, shouting, and general ‘being’ so told the midwife she wanted to leave.

This obviously concerned the midwife and said that we’d need to speak to a doctor. We said this was fine. Maybe 30 minutes later a doctor appeared and told us that leaving was a bad idea. What they could do is move us to a private room and start Gel in the morning, once My Lovely Wife had had some sleep. She agreed to this so thats what we did.

It was so much quieter in the room. The midwife managed to grab me a couple of blankets so I was able to make a makeshift bed on the floor. I also brought a pillow from home so It was better than nothing. And My Lovely Wife was able to sleep undisturbed.

The Father - a photo of my 'bed' in the hospital. Directly on a hard floor with a blanket and a pillow brought from home.

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