37 Weeks and 2 days – Induction Phase 2 Part a

37 Weeks and 2 days – Induction Phase 2 Part a

We were woken at 5-ish to start the Gels. The midwife started with 1ml and that would be given 6 hours to work.

The Gel did give My Lovely Wife some contractions and we were told this could happen. There isn’t much to do in our hospital. It did have a garden room, that we’ve seen in a couple of videos on YouTube, however it looks like this is closed for refurb so we really are stuck to our room.

11am for the next stage of this phase became 1pm, as things tend to do in a hospital. At 1pm it was decided to use 2ml of the gel and give it another 6 hours. We asked the midwife about the whether they had any reclining chairs or a day bed I could sleep in and she went away, coming back a couple of minutes later with something that looked like the kind of mats we used to have in primary school.

Not a 1000–spring miracoil mattress but it will have to do.

They took My Lovely Wife’s food order about 5pm for dinner and at about 7pm the midwife came and said the doctor will need to assess whether we go for the last 1ml of gel and give that 6 hours to work.

8pm and no doctor
9pm and no doctor. The midwife appeared and said we’d have to wait for the doctor. We questioned whether My Lovely Wife’s dinner would appear and the midwife appologied saying that food is over but she’d see what she could do. My Lovely Wife was given an egg sandwich and that was it. I was very unhappy about this and offered to get My Lovely Wife something else.
10pm and no doctor
11pm and no doctor
12 – Doctor arrives. Suggests doing the last 1ml of gel at 4am. This is what’s going to happen anyway so we agree.

Time for sleep.

Before bedtime i set up My Lovely Wife’s electric candles. They are on a remote control and were for when we were in the ‘home from home’ centre. Even though we aren’t there I thought it would help My Love Wife relax. She said she liked them and thats the best I can hope for.

I left them on while we slept.

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