37 Weeks and 3 days – Induction Phase 2 Part b

37 Weeks and 3 days – Induction Phase 2 Part b

4 am wake up time. I’m not enjoying my bed but also I hate sleeping in clothes. Nude sleeping is not an option when people can arrive whenever they feel like and wander into the room without a care in the world. They’d only do it once on me, before they learned, so I decided to stay dressed.

The nurse comes in to administer the last batch of Gel. After this we have 2 options left (well 3 if the wiggly squiggly pops out of her own accord!), the IV Drugs and C-Section. My Lovely Wife is very worried we will be jumped straight to C-Section. There is also the discussion of having an epidural today. If a C-Section is required then My Lovely Wife will need one anyway, so by doing it in advance it will help with any pain experienced during the IV Drugs.

My Lovely Wife agrees to have the epidural and they have to get a doctor in to do it. This does not look like a nice procedure at all. My Lovely Wife decided on a walking epidural so that she could still get up and move about. I think there was a concern that with a non-moving epidural there would be stronger ‘persuasion’ to take her into surgery for the C-Section. Being able to walk about also meant My Lovely Wife managed to keep some control and continue to walk about.


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