37 Weeks and 3 days – Induction Phase 3 Part a

37 Weeks and 3 days – Induction Phase 3 Part a

The Gel wasn’t working as hoped. As My Lovely Wife had the epidural in, they could start the IV Drugs. The doctor started on a low dose and we waited. There is still lots of monitoring going on and I feel that the swiggly-squiggly’s strong vital stats and My Lovely Wife being ok (except for slightly raised BP) is annoying the Doctors. If there was any sign of issues they know they could whisk us away for a C-Section without a question. But they can’t. And we are in a room all to our selves.

The IV Drugs do bring about contractions and they hit like a train. During a normal birth contractions start small and build up, allowing the mother to feel them growing and build up to the big push. With these IV Drugs the contractions start much harder and keep going, there is no gradual build up.

With the contractions officially started, our Midwife is called. This is the area midwife we have seen throughout the pregnancy and when she arrived it was a breath of fresh air. Importantly she was involved with creating the birthing plan My Lovely Wife wrote. This meant she turned down the lights, stopped random people just wondering into the room, and that kind of thing. She also encouraged my wife to listen to music and enjoy her tea-lights.

I will tell you that it brought me much joy seeing my wife relax a little, knowing she had another advocate in the room with her – this time one who knew what the process would be. The first thing our midwife did was run off and get a mobile monitoring unit. By moving to this my wife could be monitored all the time but didn’t need loads of wires connecting her to a machine – it was all wireless. Just the simple act of visiting the loo was now a lot easier!

The IV Drug was increased but things weren’t progressing well – everything just ‘maintained’ and nothing really ‘moved’. It was a little frustrating and by the time our midwife went off shift, we were at the maximum dose allowed. The sun set over London and knew what the next stage would be – just not when it would be.

It turns out it would be 2am in the morning.

The doctor and some others came in to tell us we’ve hit the final mile and all that was the C-Section. My wife was disheartened but we knew it was all that was left. He then told us it would be in the next hour or so! At that point I snapped.

“We’ve been here 4 days, had no sleep, and now, you wake us up at 2am to have us agree to a C-Section? This is not on.”

The doctor seemed a little taken back that someone had questioned his decision.

‘What do you want to do instead? We don’t have any other options.’

“Let us get some sleep and we’ll discuss it in the morning. We just need some sleep to clear our minds and help us think.”

Thankfully the doctor agreed and told us he’d be back at 6am to get the confirmation from us. We both breathed a sigh of relief, but as he left he said he’d knock the IV Drugs up one more notch as we might as well do something for the next 4 hours.

With that, the drugs were increased and the doctor was gone. We weren’t sure what would happen next but really, if anything was to happen it would be tomorrow. Which, by this point, was already today.


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