37 Weeks and 4 days – Induction Phase 3 Part b

37 Weeks and 4 days – Induction Phase 3 Part b

No real sleep was had. The new level of drugs was starting to do the job.

At around 3.30-4am things really went up a level. We were in active delivery mode!

Its all a bit of a blur but the long and short of it was just after 5am this morning, a Wiggley-Squiggly made its appearance. All healthy and good.

There were a few things that needed to be looked at when it came to My Lovely Wife. All this was sorted and then I asked the midwife if we’d get a bit of time in the room before being kicked out. I was told we would have a good couple of hours but within 20 minutes we were told we were being moved out. What a pain.

We actually ended up back on the ward of 3 beds we were in earlier. It was loud, busy and we had some lady arrive trying to get My Lovely Wife’s details. I told her to come back later. My Lovely Wife and I decided we needed to get out of there as quickly as possible. There is a private Maternity ward at the hospital we were at and we decided it was worth it. I got us booked in and transferred up there before the strange lady came back. Result!

Moving up there was seemless and the SwigglySquiggly was given a knitted red hat to remind the private midwife that she needed some checks still.

The private room was tiny compared to the one we’d spent the last few days but it came with an armchair that converted into a single bed. This was a level of luxury I couldn’t tell you about. The midwife came and checked on us regularly and helped up with all sorts. Helped My Lovely Wife with feeding the wiggly-squiggly, feeding herself, and advising us about certain things to expect. She left only when she’d asked us if there was anything else she could help with. It really helped keep the pressure levels down.

She did explain that they could arrange a BCG for the Wiggly-Squiggly if we wanted. I don’t know about you, but we both had our BCGs as teenagers, so to hear that they wanted to give a newborn baby it already confused us. It was optional (for that time) but would need doing ‘sooner’. It turns out Lambeth is a hotspot for tuberculousis. I didn’t know that!

As we went to sleep that evening, me and My Lovely Wife were on cloud 9 with the wonderful little wiggly-squiggly we had brought into the world.

The 3rd April, 2019. A date to go down in history.

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