New Day 1

New Day 1

The Private Ward were good to their word and we weren’t rushed out. The Midwife continued to check on us and make sure we were ok. I started to pack up our things and I needed to go get the car. Not a long journey from the hospital but one where I was soooo glad I put the car seat in a few days ago.

I parked up at the hospital and went to bring some bags down. We had 5 days worth of stuff so there was a lot of it! At around 4pm the Midwife popped in again to politely ask how we were planning on getting home. I mention I had a car downstairs and was packing up which seemed to please them. My Lovely Wife was looking after the Wiggly-Squiggly and so me heading downstairs with bags wasn’t a problem.

They even brought my wife a dinner, which seeing as it was 6pm and we were supposed to be out of there at 4pm, was a nice thing for them to do – but for the price, it was the LEAST they could do! I went and settled the bill while My Lovely Wife prepared the Wiggly-Squiggly for transport.

The downside of the Private ward was that it was on one of the top floors of the hospital. Our lift journey down meant various ill/coughing/etc people got in the lift and travelled with us. The other issue is the lifts in the hospital were mainly broken. I’d say 50% weren’t working so the lifts not only took ages to arrive but would often arrive full. I’d brought up the car seat (it doubles as a carrier) and our wiggly-Squiggly was lying in that. People looked at the carrier, looked at us and smiled. They didn’t know the hell the last 5 days had been but also how elated and over-joyed My Lovely Wife and I were.

We got to the car eventually and after checking the carrier was in place correctly about a million times, we made our way home. There was chat and there was silence and there was wonderous contemplation. I think it was the most careful I’ve ever driven, ever.

This was not the end of the adventure, but only just the beginning, as it turned out.

Not because of the new person in our life.

But when we returned home, after 4 days of being away, the heating had broken! Really not what I needed.

I checked the thermostat – it was a digital display type. There was nothing showing on the display. What a time for the battery to die! I checked my battery drawer and there were none of the correct size so I had to run down to the corner-shop and buy a packet of batteries.

I fitted the new battery and Pow! It remained dead.


this meant it was the actual thermostat that was broken. In frustration I gave it a punch (Neanderthol man would have been proud!) and it jumped into life and the boiler started heating. Except it was on heat to 29 degrees. I tried to lower the temp but pressing the down button caused the display to turn off and the boiler shut down! Arrrrrrg!

At this point I broke down and phoned a friend. 30 minutes later him and his wife appeared with an electric fan heater and a packet of custard creams. I had hit the thermostat again and it jumped into life. The flat would get hot but at least we’d not freeze to death. Me and My Lovely Wife can cope with a bit of cold, but now we had a wiggly-squiggly to look after.

Tea was drunk, introductions were made, and before we knew it, it was bed time and the world was all good again.


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