Happy First Birthday!

Birthday Decorations hung up in the flat including a sign saying 'Happy Birthday' and some red paper fans

Wow – What a year!

So we made it all the way to February without anything strange going on. We had confirmed our nursery place for May and My Lovely Wife was planning her going back to work. Everything was going swimmingly. All too swimmingly, as it turns out.

The Corona Virus – Corvid 19 – decided to pop into the world and everything went to pot!

We are very glad that our little one has only turned one so wont remember being stuck indoors so much. My Lovely Wife has also said that she is glad we aren’t looking to give birth now as hospitals are struggling and many new mums aren’t allowed to have their partners by their side. We were in hospital for 5 days and I’d have been allowed to be there for 1 of them, if I’d have been lucky!

London is a hot-spot for the Corona Virus so we are trying to do everything we can to stay safe and well.

First Birthday

Our original plan was that we had hired a hall and a HartBeeps Imaginator for the NCT babies. We were then going out as a group to a restaurant for a late afternoon lunch. This soon got cancelled once social distancing came into force. The problem then came about as what can we do to celebrate without going too crazy at home!

Plan 1 : Cake Smash

My Lovely Wife had seen a few videos of babies doing Cake Smashes and wanted to have a similar video to share with family and friends. Rather than do a whole large cake, My Lovely Wife decided to cook fairy cakes instead. You can find a great fairy cake recipe on the BBC Website.

Plan 2 : Some Decorations

Seeing as it would just be the 3 of us, there wasn’t much benefit of going all out for the decorations. We also wanted to make sure that we could recycle as much as possible so that meant avoiding lots of balloons.
Birthday Banner

Birthday Decorations hung up in the flat including a sign saying 'Happy Birthday' and some red paper fans

  • One Banner
  • Paper Fans
  • Cake Sticks

Plan 3 : Give Presents

A very important part of a birthday celebration – Presents! We knew that family members had presents and had asked people not to drop any round (even if they DID socially distance themselves from our door!). This meant that it would only be our presents on the day.

  • Soft Cubes
  • Gro-Bag
  • Polarn O Pyret Shoes

Plan 4 : Give Cards

Some additional decoration to have up during the birthday week. We knew that family and friends would send cards so we could open them on the day.

Plan 5 : Dress Up

It is a special day! There is no reason why people shouldn’t be dressed to celebrate it! That’s you AND the baby, not just the baby!

Plan 6 : (Virtual) Catch Up With Family

We video-chatted with all the family. At least we are experiencing this during a technological age where keeping in touch is so much easier than before. We used a mixture of FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts. Although not the preferred type of contact, having video means the family got to watch the birthday fun rather than just hear about it later.

Plan 7 : Photo Everything

Just because it isn’t what we originally planned, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t photograph the heck out of it. We would still want the memories and it shows we did do something.

Photo of Fairy Cakes with icing on top and a stick with the word 'one' stuck to it. In the background you can see a happy birthday banner and some red paper fans.

End of the Day

At 7pm it was bedtime and after everything had been tidied up (and recycling sorted) it was a bit of time for mum and dad. What do 2 grown adults do when it is downtime? Well we broke-out the Disney+ subscription and watched Lilo & Stitch. A successful day completed and we felt like we had a birthday party to be proud of, especially based on the situation we were in!

oh. And I may have eaten the remaining fairy cakes.

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