Our First Call From the Nursery – Collecting an Ill Baby

A screenshot of there being no tests available for the Corona Virus Postal Test

Its been a busy WFH today. My work is ramping up, as is My Lovely Wife’s. As a treat we headed out for lunch today at a most delicious local italian. They do the best pizza – you have to try them!

We had not been home 20 minutes when My Lovely Wife received a phone call from the nursery. Our little one was very out of sorts and had a high temp.

High Temp = Covid 19?

Of course it was the first concern of us both. There are a number of symptom for the Corona Virus and a high temp is just one. We rushed down to the nursery and brought back our little one. The first thing we did is check her temp then give her some Calpol. Her temp was over 38 degrees so at the least the Calpol would help to bring this down, or at least keep it from getting higher.

Corona Virus Test

If you have been following the news then you’ll be hearing that the government has testing capacity of 350,000 tests per day. Its an interesting sentence as it doesn’t say it is DOING 350k tests a day, just that they can. You can see the actual daily test counts on this website – https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ – which shows that 220k tests are done daily. This means there is over 100k SPARE capacity for testing a day. Good news, right?

Negative Test = Back to Nursery

We are hoping that this is just a temperature due to teething. Everything is crossed that this is the case. The nursery has told us that our little one can’t go back until we’ve had a negative test confirmed. Based on this we needed to get tested and as you could see above, there are over 100k ‘spare’ testing per day. No problems.

Booking a Test

The government website gives you the ability to book a drive through test, a walk through test or a postal test. 3 ways to get a test! Excellent! You can even Google Corona Virus Test Centres to see where your closest ones are. This should be a piece of cake. Thank goodness for technology.

WTF – What Tests (are) Feasible?

Things quickly went down-hill. Apparently there are no tests available in the UK at all. I checked Drive In tests – None. I checked walk in tests – None. I checked postal tests – None. This can’t be right? So we tried the phone number 119. This number is for ‘people who are having trouble with the internet’. Well it can’t be right that there isn’t any sort of test available anywhere in the UK, or even postal test?

Drive Through Test

The two closest test centres are at Chessington’s and Twickenham. There are no places at these two locations.

A screenshot of there being no tests available for the Corona Virus Drive In Test

Walk-In Test

I’ve no idea where these are – but there aren’t any test available there either.

A screenshot of there being no tests available for the Corona Virus Walk In Test

Postal Test

Now it shouldn’t matter for an ‘appointment’ or ‘booking’ as they should just send out a test kit. And seeing as we have over 100k in capacity spare every day, surely they wont be limiting these? Hell yeah they will!

A screenshot of there being no tests available for the Corona Virus Postal Test

So What is Next?

At this moment in time, I don’t know. We will keep monitoring her temperature and hopefully she will be back to normal over the weekend. When it comes to the important matter of testing, I plan to keep checking the website as there are rumours it gets updated at a particular time. Whether that happens over the weekend, I don’t know, but I have to keep trying as we need to make sure that everyone in the household is safe and healthy.




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