Testing a baby/toddler for Corona Virus / CV19

a photo of the corona virus test kit

Testing Times

As you would have seen from the last post I managed to get a test at a drive through centre. This took nearly a day but at least I got one. I did know that we now faced a new challenge – how to actually give the test to the little one.

Arriving at the Test Centre

You are advised that once you arrive at the test centre no-one can leave the car so ‘make sure someone is in the backseat to administer the test or make sure you can get from the front to the back of the car without exiting the car’. Sure! Everyone can clamber through their car with no issues. I’d agreed with My Lovely Wife that we would stop just before we entered the site and she could get into the back. It does make sense why they don’t want people running about the testing site but really, it wouldn’t take much to have an area for people to move when children are being tested.

Once we were on site it was a bit comical, but professional. I was greeted by 2 people before we could get on site. They wanted to know if I had a barcode/booking. I did so they let me onto the site where 5 metres away was a security guard who wanted to see my barcode/booking. He told me to keep my window up – I’d not taken it down. He couldn’t hear me (I was in a mask) so then asked me to lower the window slightly!

The security guard then directed me to another person about 5 metres away. They directed me to some people 10 meters away who then directed me to another person 10 metres away. A sign could have replaced every single one of these people! But at least the weather was good for them.

Start Your Tests!

Eventually someone spoke to me and asked me to lower the window slightly and handed me a sealed bag with the test kit in. They explained the procedure.

a photo of the corona virus test kit

  • I’d be directed to a parking point.
  • Read the Instruction booklet
  • Open the test bag
  • Open the giant cotton bud
  • Do the test
  • open the vial
  • put the cotton bud in the vial and close it.
  • Before we close the test submission, let them know as they need to see us close it properly.

The signal for being finished was to put on our hazard warning lights. This was also the signal if we were having problems.

Procedure for Adults

I have a friend who has been tested and it involved quite an unpleasant procedure with a large cotton bud being shoved to the back of the throat and nose. This is what the adult test looks like.

As you can see, it is not fun but at least as an adult you understand what is going on.

Procedure for Baby/Toddlers

There is a special instruction¬† they give you for kids which is try to explain to them what you are doing. I’m sure this is helpful for children with a comprehension of language, but for our little one she didn’t understand. We were given a YouTube video to watch but it wasn’t exactly much help. And I say we were given one…there was a youtube link I had to type out into my web browser like it was the 1800s or something!

a photo of the corona virus test instructions with a typed out youtube link

As you can see, this video is of no use to us as this girl looks over the moon having the test where-as our little one was already crying due to the long car journey to get there.

My Lovely Wife Is Amazing

I mentioned earlier that My Lovely Wife had agreed to do the test. I didn’t envy her at all as our little one was screaming and fighting it the entire time. She didn’t understand what was happening and wasn’t being allowed to remove the thing being shoved in her face. As a parent it breaks your heart when you hear your little one crying and she was crying for England. Once the testing was completely our little one continued screaming. Luckily we had already planned a distraction – veggie sticks. Out these came and the crying stopped instantly. Phew!


As it was well after lunchtime and 2 of the 3 people in the car hadn’t eaten a load of veggie sticks, I swung by Five Guys to grab lunch for me and My Lovely Wife. I didn’t realise it would be ¬£35! Dammit! However you can’t put a price on a happy Lovely Wife. Well you can, it is ¬£35.

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