20 Week Scan Next Week

We have the 20 week scan next week and I’m still not allowed in. My Lovely Wife and I have discussed this and although I’m happy for her to find out and then tell me, she wants the details put in an envelope to open together. Its a nice touch.

I’ve seen 2 ‘Interesting’ gender reveal things this week.

The first is the massive wild fires in California that were started by a gender reveal going wrong.



The second was a couple spent nearly $100k hiring the Burj Khalifa to use that as the Gender Reveal. Why? Why would you do that? The gender of my child has no bareing on anything. – people are strange!

So my advice to anyone is avoid your gender reveal party/event. At best you’ll just look like an idiot lighting up a building, at worst, you’ll create a massive wild-fire that destroys lives.

You know it makes sense!


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