Week 37 – Induction Starting

It was an uneventful week since the 36 week scan. Thats a good thing, I can tell you.

We were told by the hospital to wait until they phoned us to come in. The last induction we got a phone call in the morning so were expecting the same thing. It didn’t happen. In the end we phoned them at about 11am and they asked us to come in ‘around 5-6pm’. I say ‘us’ but with the old Corona Virus it would be My Lovely Wife only. I would only be allowed in during ‘active’ birth and then for 4 hours afterwards.

To add more excitement to the situation we had the Wiggly Squiggly to collect from nursery at 5pm. My Lovely Wife said goodbye to her this morning but I’d be collecting her by myself this afternoon. I also needed to get the baby stuff out of storage – most importantly the cot for it to sleep in. I had already got the car seat out and set it up but the cot needed to be ‘built’. When I put them into storage I wrapped them up in plastic and I had everything crossed that it would have been dry. I did say to My Lovely Wife that if anything was water damaged then I’d have to order new stuff – a cost I could do without!

I brought the items back and left them to warm up. At 4.30 in the afternoon we made sure that My Lovely Wife had everything she needed and then we had a cup of tea.

There is always time for tea.

An uber was booked to take My Lovely Wife to the hospital and once she had got in, I made my way to collect the Wiggly Squiggly from nursery. I would be the sole carer for our Wiggly Squiggly while my wife was in hospital. Also worth noting that My Lovely Wife and the Wiggly Squiggly hadn’t spent more time apart than a couple of hours. I’m not sure how either of them will cope!

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