Welcome to the Family

Now its been a challenging couple of days. My Lovely Wife has been amazing, all alone in the hospital. The Wiggly-Squiggly has struggled a bit but we’ve tried to make sure there are regular Facetime calls so she knows her mum loves her.

My Lovely Wife arrived in Hospital on a Wednesday and, based on previous experience, we were expecting exciting things to happen on Sunday or Monday. Looking after the Wiggly Squiggly was tiring as there was no-one to ‘tag in’ when I was finding it tough. I know the Wiggly Squiggly was also finding it tough so we worked through it together. Sure, there might have been the odd extra biscuit shared and eaten but we made it through.

Friday Night comes and we’ve all facetimed, we had hugs and kisses, and the Wiggly Squiggly is put to bed. It is around 7.30pm and “NO MORE JOBS!”. I crack open a no-alcohol beer and order myself a big chinese for dinner. Plenty of leftovers to be had for lunch on Saturday.

Its a long delivery time (it is a Friday Night after all) and I can relax.

At just after 8pm (8.05 to be exact) I get a call from My Lovely Wife. We had spoken a few hours earlier and perhaps My Lovely Wife was now just bored on a Friday Night in hospital. I picked up….

“Can you call your aunt? They have said at the stage where you should come in. I’m getting some contractions so you need to get over here.”

My aunt had offered to ‘babysit’ the wiggly squiggly if I needed to rush to the hospital as she is the closest family member. I called her up and she said she would be on her way. I next needed to cancel my chinese order! What a pain! I phoned the restaurant and told them to not deliver the food and I wasn’t worried about any refund. They said to cancel it through the app – I did and got 50% back. Which was unexpected. Now I just had to wait for my aunt to arrive.

at 8.28 My Lovely Wife facetimed me again. I was expecting her to remind me to bring ‘x’ or make sure that I’ve done ‘y’.

What I was not expecting was to be greeted by a whole new person!

Hello Little Dude! Welcome to the world.

So 23 minutes after phoning me, My Lovely Wife managed to successful give birth to our son. What excellent news!

My aunt arrived, I shared the happy news with her, then rushed off to the hospital. Its still a 20 drive from where we live but it rushed by. Before long I was sat in a room with My Lovely Wife and my son and everything was right in the world.

A nurse came in and My Lovely Wife checked the time of delivery. 8.23pm – 17 minutes after the first call. My Love Wife is a superstar!

We are now a family of 4.


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