Day 13

Day 13

Wow! After all the excitement of yesterday, today was not a day my lovely wife was going to be able to do much. Most of the day she spent in bed. I made her a tea when she woke up and she stayed there pretty much until about 5pm.

My lovely wife had a birthday celebration that evening quite a distance away so we checked out the train times to reduce the stress. It would be about 1 hour on public transport with 2 changes. She headed off around 6.30pm and I got an evening of catching up on Netflix.

Unfortunately she missed her training coming home so ended up getting in around 1.15am! This is going to make tomorrow a very challenging day – I’m glad we don’t have anything planned and she can have an early night.

On the plus side, she did fall asleep immediately – so about 6 and a bit hours sleep before the alarm goes off.

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