Day Zero

Day Zero

I’m as shocked as you are. About 5 days ago my lovely wife took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Neither of us had thought much about it until yesterday when my lovely wife’s app was telling her that her period was 2 days late.

We thought it was just due to the previous miscarriage still messing up her cycle. However she did take another pregnancy test. One of the cheap ones as she really didn’t feel pregnant and why waste a ‘good’ test when it will come back negative.

Except it didn’t.

It was positive!

So back to day zero….a happy place to be.

My lovely wife does want to do an expensive test later, from the brand she trusts, just to confirm.

Fingers crossed.

[edit] My lovely wife’s favourite brand of pregnancy test has just confirmed. Its a green for go! (or another 2 lines for Pregnant).

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