Day 12

Day 12

We had a dayout today. Our friends had invited us out for lunch.

The 45 minute drive turned into a 90 minute drive – not what we wanted and we still ended up only 30 minutes late. Luckily they hadn’t started cooking so we were ok.

To help digest lunch we went for a walk through a nature reserve and took their kids to a playground. My lovely wife loved it! Playing on all the equipment! The weather was fantastic and we had such an excellent time. I think we had planned only being there for lunch but instead we stayed chatting until about 7pm – a perfect example of how to hang out with friends.

My lovely wife had wanted to cook dinner this evening but I could tell she was tired so I suggested rather than head to the supermarket so she could get the ingredients to make a gnocchi bake, we’d head to a sit-down burger joint near by and have burgers with milkshakes served in tins. She agreed so we parked up and had dinner cooked for us.

Tiredness started to creep up on my lovely wife once her belly was full and so we headed home and it was bedtime pretty soon after. Still a bit of tablet browsing before actual sleep but she went off quickly once she put it down.

A full-on but great day.

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