Day Fifty-Two

Day Fifty-Two

Sunday-Fun day!

Dropped the returned clothes off and did the weekly shop. We tried to get to the shops early to avoid the crowds however it wasn’t early enough.

My Lovely Wife has been having regular meals (every couple of hours) so before we did the shop I suggested that she eat something. Her initial thoughts were to not to eat anything as she wasn’t hungry. Our weekly shop usually takes an hour and I knew My Lovely Wife would be hungry at some point or would find the smells in the supermarket would make her feel queezy.

My Lovely Wife did get a sandwich and felt much better after eating it. The shop wasn’t very eventful (in a good way) and we were back home before we knew it.

Dinner was a home-made Nandos…but my wife wasn’t in the mood for the chicken so perhaps she is off meat again.

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