Day Twenty-Four

Day Twenty-Four

Another belly kiss. I do love those belly kisses.

The last day before we are both back at work. I feel like I want another 2 weeks off. No time off now until Christmas, well not for me at least.

We have decided to go for an early scan this week so will be doing that. Both of us will go straight to the hospital for the scan and then off to work afterwards.

My lovely wife has also got her first midwife’s appointment this week. We did discuss whether she wanted me to attend and after a bit of google-fu it looks like its very ‘admin’ based for the women with the occasional family history question for the other partner. Due to this admin we agreed I wasn’t needed however I will keep myself on stand-by in case my lovely wife changes her mind.

Dinner this evening was carrot and butternut squash soup – great for meeting the ‘meat-free’ requirements now of my lovely wife. The soup was ace and just what we both wanted.

Work tomorrow – that will suck.

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