Day Fifty-Five

Day Fifty-Five

What a day!

Got up, taxi to the hospital. Not much waiting around.

My Lovely Wife was drinking loads of water as they want a full bladder for the scan.

This was such a different experience to the previous scans we had. Lots of scanning took place and we were talked through everything. To make things easier for My Lovely Wife to see they set up a big screen opposite the bed that mirrors what is on the scanner.

It was great to see everything so big and clearly. All the measurements was taken and within the expected boundaries – very pleasant news to hear.

They asked My Lovely Wife to empty her bladder half way through the scanning and when she came back from the loo the remaining scans were a little better. The scanner person explained its easier to attempt it with a full bladder and then ask them to empty it than arrive with an empty bladder and ask people to fill it up!

Instead of giving us a photo of the scan we were allowed to take photos of the big screen. The person doing the scan took looks of snapshots and brought them up on the big screen for us to photo. In total we had between 6-8 different photos.

I still had to go to work so after a quick drink in the hospital cafe we both headed home before I headed back out to the office. On Cloud Nine for the rest of the day.

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