Day Forty

Day Forty

When we had our scan a fortnight ago they said we could have another re-assurance scan in 2 weeks time. This is now two weeks time.

My Lovely Wife and I went to the hospital and got scanned again. It was amazing what we saw. Not only had the squiggle got a lot bigger but was also really wiggly!

We didn’t get any photos this time but seeing a squiggley-wiggly put huge smile on both of our faces.

For the first time in weeks My Lovely Wife said she fancied some meat. (Phnarr Phnarr!) We headed to Nandos and she ate 4 thighs, chips and then an additional super-green wrap. Luckily this was free due to the Nandos loyalty scheme.

I had my extra-hot chicken thighs. If its not extra-hot then you are a twot.

Got home, more sleep. And More burping.

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