Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty-Six

Scan day.

A lazy morning helped to mask the concern and worry we both had. Although the Early Pregnancy Unit was open at 9am we didn’t get there until 10. With no appointment it was just a turn-up-and-wait job. It was super busy and my lovely wife was a trooper.

We eventually got our scan at about 12.20.

My lovely wife was amazing and after the nurse played with the machine she turned the screen in our direction.

There it was – a little person.

My lovely wife and I shared a bit of an emotional moment and I’m sure I could see a few tears in her eyes. My eyes stayed dry – and I’ll bop anyone on the nose who says otherwise!

Some more machine twiddling and the screen was turned to us again and there it was – the heartbeat of the little trooper.

What an excellent day.

More days as wonderful as this please.


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