Day Twenty-Eight

Day Twenty-Eight

I know my lovely wife is bored of a couple of things

Bored of burping all the time
Bored of being tired all the time
Bored of needing the loo all the time

Nothing I can help with for any of these. I can help with lots of other things and one of them is by doing the cooking.

This evening I found a ‘quick & easy’ recipe for Butternut Squash tikka masala. I do love CTM so this should be very nice. It all looked very nice but just didn’t have the right flavours. My lovely wife has made me some amazing CTM so although my BSTM was ok, it didn’t wow.

My lovely wife still ate it though. As did I.

I need to expand my veggie dinner options. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of other opportunities to.

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