Day One Hundred and Eight

Day One Hundred and Eight

Sorry for the radio silence.

Mornings have been full of belly kisses.

Today was our 20 week scan. We have been looking forward to this. Well I’ve been looking forward to this and My Lovely Wife has being saying she was looking forward to it.

We arrived for our appointment and they were about 30 minutes late. The ultrasound lady told us that her first scan of the day the lady refused to be scanned until her husband arrived. Whether he was stuck in traffic or just not in a rush to be there, we never found out.

One of the things they do in this scan is they can tell you the gender of the baby. We had agreed to find out and the lady doing the scan told us….we were having…..a……


She did tell us that due to the wiggley-squiggly little wiggley-squiggly she couldn’t be 100% sure so we are booked in for another scan in just over a week.

All the things the scanner could check, were all ‘normal’ so this is the best we could really hope for.

We left the scan on cloud nine. What a lucky pair of blighters we are.


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