Day 16

Day 16

A better night’s sleep. Always a good start to the day for my lovely wife.

Dinner was a disappointment this evening. The Tesco Lamb Ravioli was definitely a ‘miss’ so wont be having that again. Managed to do a load of laundry, cook dinner, clear away dinner and offer an ice-cream to help with the grumpiness. I think it was appreciated.

What wasn’t appreciated today was the hospital phoning. Apparently they were checking to make sure the hormone levels from the last pregnancy had dropped back to normal. I really struggle with how the hospital (and doctors surgery) handled us last time. I’m very lucky that my lovely wife is as strong as she is because I’m not sure I could have coped with all the “left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing” that went on.

Anyway, managed a 10.30pm bedtime so hopefully there will be lots of sleep had.

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